Easy Tips To Lose Weight

Over the years, I was able to successfully filter out the tips that worked and the tips that didn’t work, tips that left me all the more frustrated with myself. So here are painless ways to lose weight that have managed to slash off pounds of fat from my body to transform me into the person I am today. This blog post is dedicated to all those who are battling with weight issues. Here they are.

Anyway before anything else, as someone who’s conscious about his or her weight you’ve probably been told to do a lot of things from drinking lemon water in the morning, lunch and evening to eating insanely small servings of quinoa. It’s not to say that these aren’t effective but in this blog, I will be sharing realistic and time-tested advice that will surely melt all your fats.

Cooking with coconut oil.

Cooking food with oil makes dishes, even more, delicious no doubt about that, but there are certain oils that when used for cooking can make us fat. Coconut oil is an exception because coconut oil is found to be healthy. Coconut oil is high in special fats which experts refer to as medium chain triglycerides; these fats are metabolized differently compared to other fats. According to reports, coconut oil boosts metabolism by one hundred twenty calories per day and it also helps lower your appetite so you can consume fewer calories within the day resulting to weight loss.

It is worth noting that it’s not about adding coconut oil to what you are already eating is more on replacing your cooking oil with coconut oil.

Staying FitTry to reduce sugar from your diet.

If you are still wondering why you aren’t losing weight it might be because of the sugar in your diet. Most people today consume way too much sugar than what is normally required. Aside from the dreaded weight gain, studies show a link between consuming sugar with the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease. So if you want to lose weight you have got to cut back on your sugar consumption.

Eat less refined carbohydrates.

Examples of refined carbohydrates include grains that have been stripped off of its nutritious parts and sugar. Examples of such are passed and bread. According to health experts, refined carbs can cause your blood sugar to shoot up leading you to feel hungry and it makes you crave more food hours after eating. Refined carbs are linked to obesity. If you want to lose weight better start looking for healthier alternatives other than pasta and bread.

Start counting calories.

I lost a ton of weight when I was being mindful of my calorie intake. Counting calories and portion control are two of the very reasons why people lose weight fast and keep the weight off if they religiously follow it. Studies show that if you keep a food journal or take pictures of your food it can help you lose weight because it keeps you focused and aware of what you are eating. It also stirs up guilt so every time you exceed your recommended calorie intake for the day you can exercise to offset it.

Brush your teeth after dinner.

It doesn’t necessarily be right after dinner but maybe a few minutes after or an hour after so you won’t be tempted to eat again whenever your hunger pangs strike. Instead of going to the pantry to look for something to eat your brain will tell you to just lie down, read a good book or better yet drift to sleep since you’ve already brushed your teeth.