Painless Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Perhaps one of the most talked about issues aside from politics is the struggle to lose weight. The enigma of what makes you lose weight and what doesn’t has haunted millions of men and women all over the world, myself included. My weight is erratic, but I was always overweight ever since then. It got worse over time and I gained so much weight despite my efforts to exercise inevitably my unending battle with weight loss resulted to a major breakdown.

A lot of people may think that I’m being shallow or insensitive for investing so much of my emotions over something physical, but you see, you don’t know my story and you don’t know my struggles. Yes, if you look at it objectively, there could be far worse problems than weight gain that would warrant a mental breakdown but every person is different. Your hair loss problems may be equivalent to a post-partum woman’s self-esteem issues whenever she sees stretch marks spread all across her once porcelain skin. You see, it’s not just some weight loss problem that you can dismiss just because it looks superficial or unimportant because for some people it’s all that matters and you have no right to judge them or tell them otherwise.

Anyway, my journey to weight loss has not been easy and this is perhaps one of the reasons why I get utterly sad from time to time. Here’s a little backstory of my life so you can better understand why I struggle so much with this topic. Back when I was younger I was bullied for my weight. Bullied to the point that I cry myself to sleep every night and I saw myself as a hideous and ugly fat person that no amount of compliment from my friends could ever change how I saw myself. I didn’t tell anyone I just silently wept my hurts and pains away. When I got into my teenage years apart from my weight issues I also struggled with acne, which made the bullying all the worse that it was.

Losing WeightI wanted to die, like literally, but I knew that my future could be promising if I changed how I felt about myself. That feeling, of course, required that I do something about my weight. The journey was not easy in fact there were a lot of hurdles that discouraged from pressing on but then again if I stopped what would become of me? I always convinced myself that there is no turning back lest I want to go back to my old pitiful life.

Drink lots and lots of water especially before mealtime.

This is something I don’t do often, well, to be honest, something I don’t do at all. But drinking water before your meal can indeed aid in weight loss according to studies. Drinking water boosts metabolism twenty-four to thirty percent over an hour and thirty minutes. This means it helps you burn more calories.

One particular study showed that drinking seventeen ounces of water or half a liter thirty minutes before meal time helped people eat fewer calories and it also helped them lose forty-four percent more weight.

So if I were you, I’d place a liter of water near my bedside before I go to the dining.

Don’t skip eggs for breakfast.

Skipping breakfast isn’t the answer to losing weight. As a matter of fact, the best thing you can do is to eat eggs for breakfast since according to studies, eggs offer a host of health benefits including losing weight. Studies show that if you switch up your grain-based breakfast meal with eggs you’ll eat lesser calories in the next thirty-six hours, which means that you’ll lose weight more. But if you don’t have eggs at home that’s perfectly fine, you can just choose any quality protein to replace your eggs.

Drink black coffee.

Coffee for some reason has got the bad rep lately but if you want to lose weight coffee preferably black coffee can help you in that area. Coffee is packed with antioxidants and it offers a lot of health benefits. Studies show that if you drink coffee it can boost your metabolism by three to eleven percent and it can increase your fat burning capacity to up to ten to twenty-nine percent. But just make sure that you don’t drown your black coffee with creamer and sugar because it defeats the purpose of losing weight.

Drink green tea.

Aside from coffee, you should also grocery shop for green tea. Green tea is hailed as a beverage that aids in weight loss. Green tea also contains minute amounts of caffeine, but it is jam-packed with antioxidants referred as catechins. These catechins are believed to function synergistically with caffeine to help burn fats.

Weight loss is a battle, but you can end up victorious if you do the right things.