What You Should Know About Green Tea

Jafari is also an associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences and is currently working at the University of California-Irvine. Jafari together with his colleagues exposed embryos and larvae of fruit flies to different doses of green tea.

Fruit flies are mostly used to study human disease owing to the fact that these fruit flies share seventy-five percent of the genes that cause diseases in humans. Their team discovered that ten milligrams of green tea actually showed a slower development of larvae. The offspring when born also showed a drastic reduction in number and size.

Female offspring that were exposed to ten milligrams of green tea showed a decrease in reproductive output and a seventeen percent decrease in lifespan.

Moreover, the researchers also found that ten milligrams of green tea also resulted to morphological abnormalities in fruit flies’ reproductive organs examples of such is atrophy in the ovaries and testicles.

Even though it was found that green tea was able to protect flies from dehydration it also found to increase their predisposition to starvation and heat stress.

Even though the study did not evaluate the mechanisms by which green tea has affected the reproduction as well as the development of fruit flies, researchers theorize that high doses of green tea could produce excessive apoptosis or programmed cell death to yield such effects.

Green Tea FarmJafari commented on the findings and said that although green tea could have its fair share of health benefits at low doses, the study we just made showed that at high doses there might be adverse effects. Much more work is needed to make definite recommendations, but so far we suggest you drink green tea in moderation.

The entire team is planning to test the effects of nutraceuticals in fruit files and quantify and identify the metabolites of natural products in flies. Jafari says that these experiments will help them get a better grasp of toxic doses in humans.

So there, I said it. I am sorry green tea lovers like me, who are fond of drinking green tea in excess but consider this as a wake-up call. If you are trying to conceive I think it would be best if you minimize your consumption of green tea and just drink it in moderation. At least, this article didn’t say that green tea is bad that means we can still enjoy a cup or two and not feel bad about it. That’s what matters, right?